Norm and Roberta Harris first threw open the doors of Frisbeeworld in a modest shopfront in Stepney, South Australia, in the summer of 1972. Finally realising their retail dream, the first tiny premises sold a wide range of frisbees, from beginner's models to ultra lightweight professional equipment.

That first year saw Roberta and Norm far exceed their expectations. The huge demand for products led to a quick expansion of the product range, with a section dedicated to the indigenous aerial device, the boomerang. However, even this couldn't sate Adelaide's desire for aerial entertainment. With shelf space quickly running out, and the Harris' forced to turn customers away, they began the hunt for a bigger home for the Frisbeeworld empire.

Before long, Norm and Roberta took their biggest step yet, signing a lease to move Frisbeeworld headquarters to a new store on the thriving Norwood Parade shopping strip. A grand gala opening showed off their newest additions to their inventory, kites! A range of traditional and box kites were available, and soon the business was booming even more than before.

Since the heady days of 1972 and 1973, Frisbeeworld has become an established landmark on Norwood Parade, continuing to sell a wide range of aerial entertainment products to enthusiasts of all ages, genders and backgrounds.